I Am Orange

Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Many people are wearing orange today to spread awareness, & to honor Hadiya Pendleton who would have been celebrating her birthday today, if she was not killed by gun violence at the age of 15.

They are also honoring all who have been lost or affected by gun violence. Hadiya’s friends started wearing orange to honor her & to have the color represent life & wanting to live free of violence.

As I was driving back from dropping my daughter off at school, this poem crept into my head. I looked back at my son, and thought “I Am Orange, he is orange, we are all orange.”

We all want to live free of violence, we all want to follow our dreams and have our children be safe.

Hadiya, the 26 Angels of Newtown, and all of those lost to gun violence are weighing heavily on me today.

I am melancholy….my heart is heavy….and I am orange…..

For Hadiya, the Angels, all those lost to gun violence, and all those doing whatever they can to end it. I honor you, I salute you, & I love you:

I Am Orange

I am orange
I live and I breathe
I dance and I dream
I yearn to be free

I am orange
my heart longs to beat
as I walk along the Mall
or a south side street

I am orange
I survived many things
I’ve climbed up a mountain
and I long for better things

I am orange
I am Martin and Maya
I long for peace
I want all to climb higher

I am orange
my heart beats the same
we are all orange
from wherever we came

We want to end violence
we want to stand tall
we want to fulfill our destiny
we want to march on

Toward a more peaceful existence
where all are treated the same
whatever our hue of orange
whatever our name

Let’s all join together
and walk hand in hand
on the great orange path
where violence is shamed

Where violence is not tolerated
where it is replaced
with love and acceptance
for all who embrace

The warmth of orange
the light of each other’s face
we are all in this together
we are all part of the human race

So let’s work hard to end violence
in whatever way we can
we can begin by teaching our children
to respect life and their fellow man

Life can be beautiful
let’s all open our eyes
and a more peaceful world
will be the real grand prize

For life is not a lottery
left to be played
life is what you make it
so try to make it great

I am orange
and I want you to believe
I’m here, I’m important
I have my whole life in front of me

Help others realize that violence
is not the only way
with help, and with patience
you will see much brighter days

I am orange
I want you to see
violence is not the answer
please don’t let me continue to bleed……….

Kathy ❤orange meme don't let me bleed


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