The Holey Sweater

Holes in their hearts meme

Years ago, I was out in NYC with a bunch of coworkers, when one of them remarked “I can’t believe he is wearing a sweater with a hole in it.”

It was one of the shallowest things I have ever heard.

She did not know that I was dating said “holey sweater guy” at the time, nor did she know that he was a really nice guy who sung with the voice of an Angel. She didn’t know that he was a victim of sexual abuse, and that he was helping to support his family, and was trying get by the best that he could.

She would never know these things about him, and I found that very sad. She was the type of person who would never get it. She judged only the clothing he wore, and not the contents of his beautiful soul.

I feel sorry for her and for people like her. People who are quick to judge, and who won’t give others a chance.

I’m so glad that I understood that 20 years ago, and that I am still working on myself so that I can learn such lessons every day.

We all have to progress and accept others as our equals, no matter what they look like or how they are dressed.

I would rather surround myself with a room full of holey sweatered people, than with a room full of people with holes in their hearts…

Kathy ❤



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