The Man Who Doesn’t Care


I was deeply troubled by that story out of Florida a few weeks ago, where a kind elderly man was arrested twice for trying to feed the homeless.

What is happening to our society?

Where has our humanity gone?

We have to do better, and ignore all the nonsense out there, and listen to our hearts.

We are all the same. We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Many of us are one disaster away from poverty or homelessness. Let’s always remember this and stop casting stones.

Let’s lend a hand when we can, and become a nation of people who care once again…..<3<3<3
The Man Who Doesn’t Care

I stop and say a prayer at night,
for the man who doesn’t care;
about the world in which he lives,
for his soul is beyond repair.

He arrogantly takes a hurried step,
over a shattered homeless man;
and thinks “he should go get a job,”
though he’s doing the best he can.

To get over a war, a broken marriage,
and difficult bouts of PTSD;
but this is not what the man who doesn’t care,
has the ability to see.

He sees the world through a cloudy lens,
that filters out the light;
I don’t know how such a man,
is able to sleep through the night.

He will never care about,
whether a child has enough to eat;
for he has plenty on his table,
and expensive shoes upon his feet.

And he will tread carefully,
throughout his clouded life;
believing he will be shielded from,
anyone else’s pain and strife.

He built a fortress for many years,
and many do stop and stare;
but instead of envy, they feel pity,
for the man who doesn’t care.

His acquaintances are very much like him,
though his real friends are very few;
but who needs them, or any unfortunate folks,
when you live with such a view.

Then one day, when a storm had passed,
his fortress was stripped away;
he had lost everything he owned,
except his clothes, which were now torn and frayed.

Then he felt a hand upon,
his shivering shoulders out in the cold;
it was some kind, helpful strangers,
giving him blankets and hands to hold.

He felt down, he felt broken,
but was lifted up by his new friends;
who themselves, didn’t have much,
but had love inside that was without end.

And as time slowly passed,
he gained a small fortune again;
but this time, he used it to,
help those left out in the rain.

For the man who didn’t care,
finally realized how hard it was to rebuild;
he had felt his soul awaken,
by kindness, and love gently tilled.

So he lived his final days,
helping others and doing what’s right;
showing love, compassion, and tenderness,
his cloudy lens now let in the light.

love lens glasses

Kathy ❤



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