Ball of Pain

spread love not pain meme

I wrote this poem while I was in the process of ending an abusive relationship.  It brought up memories of an abusive childhood.

Due to a difficult childhood, I’ve always felt different.  I’ve always felt unworthy of love & affection.

Writing poetry, going to therapy for a few years, and time has helped to heal some of my wounds.

Some wounds will never heal…..but you can move on……<3<3<3

Ball of Pain

Layers and layers of infinite pain,
I can’t find a beginning, but there must be an end.
Twisting, turning, augmenting each day,
I am your prisoner that time did create.

My soul is empty, my heart slowly beats,
My ball is a memory, a pain that won’t cease.
A struggle inside me, please give me the strength,
To slowly unravel this cyclical length.

A child was in danger, abuse took its toll,
You tried to protect me, but grew out of control.
Heartache and turmoil quenched your deep thirst,
My ball has consumed me, and is ready to burst.

You assured my survival, but at a deep cost,
The memories are distant, my childhood is lost.
The pain is diminished, deflated in time,
My ball is a memory, it’s time to move on…

Kathy ❤




  1. Susan Langer · June 9, 2015

    I can identy with the pain of child abuse and learning to move on through therapy. )


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