Six Sisters Had a Dream

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My daughter’s last day of school is next Tuesday.  I was just thinking about how nice it will be to attend her little class party, and to give her teacher a gift & to say thank you.

That got me to thinking about all teachers & about the 6 wonderful educators whose lives were cut short in Newtown.

Anne Marie, Victoria, Lauren, Rachel, Mary and Dawn.

I’ve thought a lot about them over the past 2+ years I’ve been running my FB page “Twenty Six Seeds of Love for Newtown.”

I’ve studied their beautiful faces, I’ve memorized their beautiful names, I’ve learned about their accomplishments and dreams.

What would they be doing/thinking now if they were still here?

Though we can never know for sure, I’m certain they would still be making the world a better place.

They all accomplished so much in their lives.  They taught and influenced so many, including me.

By taking the time to read about them and listen to their families words, I have become a better person.

Teachers/educators are wonderful people.

And these 6 women exemplify what an educator should be.

I wrote the following poem about them.

Though they are not sisters in the biological sense of the word, they will forever be known as sisters of honor, courage and love.

Like most educators, they made a lasting impression on those they taught or helped.

They continue to do so, and they continue to breathe dreams and hope into everyone…………..<3<3<3

Six Sisters Had a Dream

Six sisters had a dream,

to educate the children as a team,

caring, nurturing, encouraging all,

to climb every mountain, to scale every wall.

Six sisters went to school that day,

but didn’t come home, fate took them away,

and though they now exist in a different realm,

we can help fulfill their dreams for them.

Work hard, and never give up on your dreams,

no matter the challenge, or how difficult it seems,

help your neighbor, especially those in need,

be a force for change, and you will succeed.

Support our educators, support our schools,

give them the ability, give them the tools,

to make a difference, like these sisters managed to do,

Dawn, Mary, Victoria, Rachel, Lauren and Anne Marie too.

Six sisters went to school that day,

but didn’t come home, fate took them away,

they will always be in our hearts and minds,

and their dreams and accomplishments will outlast time…..

You can learn more about these 6 amazing women and how their families are continuing their dreams and legacies here:

Kathy ❤



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