The Nightmare

The Nightmare Meme

I wrote the following post on 11-16-14:

As I sat at the breakfast table today eating homemade french toast that was dripping in syrup, I thought of Scotty McMillan.

I watched the syrup drip drop down onto my plate, just like his pain must have drip dropped out of him until his last breath.

I noticed how some of the syrup clung to the tiny pieces of french toast, just like how some of my memories of child and domestic abuse cling to me.

It is a tragic irony that this precious little boy lived on Hope Lane, in a quiet suburb of Philadelphia. The boy who probably tried to cling on to hope and life though he was given no quarter.

Stories such as his sicken, anger and sadden me, and haunt my already darkened dreams. They shouldn’t happen, yet they keep happening.

I understand all to well the silence of a child who is trapped in a neverending nightmare of abuse. I understand well the silence of a woman trapped in a horrific relationship.

I understand the fear, insecurity, brainwashing, and pain. I was wrapped up in a ball of it for over 20 years.

But, now I also understand that the cycle of violence can stop. I understand how taking some time to look up from our electronic devices, to pay attention to our neighbors and loved ones, can make a difference and perhaps change the course of someone’s life.

I understand that out there somewhere is peace. That if we help each other and strive to love ourselves and make a difference we will.

I understand that by writing poetry and speaking up about such topics, I will lose many FB friends and FB/Twitter followers, etc.

Please understand that I do not care.

I care more about those whose lives are being destroyed or ended due to violence in any way, shape or form.

I know many kind, caring people feel the same.

I will not sit silent any more. I have finally found my voice after a lifetime of pain and struggle.

I will always remember Scotty, the 26 Angels of Newtown, and so many more amazing children/people.

They will never be silent in my mind…I can always hear their words…and I will not stop mine for as long as I live….♥♥♥

Kathy ❤



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  1. Cecilie L · June 13, 2015

    great post dear 🙂


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