Hate Showed Up Late – The Charleston Unity Walk

Charleston unity walk sc bridge hate won't win post and courier

I have been very sad since the events that occurred in Charleston, SC.

Sad for the victims and their families, sad for the Charleston community, and sad for our nation.

I’ve been wondering what kind of person could do such a thing.

What kind of world are my children growing up in?

I haven’t been watching the news much since, or reading my news feeds, I couldn’t handle all the pain and sadness.

But something told me to take a look last night.

And, boy I’m glad I did.

I felt hopeful and uplifted for the first time since the tragedy. Glorious images of the Unity Walk across the Ravenel Bridge, which spans from Mt. Pleasant (where I used to live,) to downtown Charleston, were everywhere.

Images of people unified in hope, peace and love.

People who came together to pay respects to the victims with a 9 minute moment of silence, and to join hands in peace.

These people will not be defeated.

These people will rise above the hate.

We should all follow these people toward a brighter future for all Americans.

And let love change the current.

And let hate show up late.

Hate Showed Up Late Meme

Kathy ❤



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