A Hurricane’s Coming

A hurricane’s coming,

and it starts with us;

we’re tired of the headlines,

we’ve all had enough.

The weather map is full of,
overcast skies;
another child taken,
another parent cries.

A hurricane’s coming,
the nowcast is dim;
we are beginning to feel like,
we cannot win.

For there seems to be no shelter,
in which we can hide;
none of us can escape,
the hurricane’s eye.

Its eyewall surrounds us,
it twists, and it turns;
and we all sit and wait,
for the next powerful storm surge.

But instead of waiting,
with our stomachs in knots;
why don’t we do something,
instead of being distraught?

A hurricane’s coming,
let’s stop the death toll;
let’s adjust the barometer,
BEFORE it starts to get low.

For you don’t have to have,
a meteorology degree;
to open your eyes,
and truly begin to see.

That we can no longer wait,
until the next updraft;
make your voice heard now,
we have to act fast.

Before another hurricane strikes,
and your home is next;
you will never be able to leave,
its spinning vortex.

Of pain, and of sorrow,
that never seems to end;
let’s all come together,
to stop this weather trend.

A hurricane’s coming,
and I’m beginning to see;
if I want the winds to recede,
it all starts with me….

Kathy ❤



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