L’amour vaincra les ténèbres: Love will Conquer Darkness

I’ve never been to Paris. I’ve never had much of a desire to go there….until last night.

Last night, just like on 9/11 and 12/14, I wanted to be where the hearts were broken, where love was needed most.

I just wanted to give the people of Paris a big collective hug.

I don’t speak French, in fact I almost failed my French class in college…..but the language of love, kindness and empathy is universal.

I’m not a world traveller, haven’t been to many exotic places….but I realize that you don’t have to travel very far to see that we are more alike than we are different.

And pain is pain.

Whether the pain is felt here in America or in France, it is the same.

The pain of loss, tragedy and suffering is also universal.

We feel your pain France.

We recognize the darkness that fills your streets.

We know that it will soon be replaced with love.

The love of your fellow countrymen, the love of America, and the love of the world.

We stand with you.

Terrorism will not win.


Let’s all march on toward love.

Kathy ❤


*photo from internet, by SHUTTERSTOCK/KIEFERPIX


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