Hate Showed Up Late – The Charleston Unity Walk

Charleston unity walk sc bridge hate won't win post and courier

I have been very sad since the events that occurred in Charleston, SC.

Sad for the victims and their families, sad for the Charleston community, and sad for our nation.

I’ve been wondering what kind of person could do such a thing.

What kind of world are my children growing up in?

I haven’t been watching the news much since, or reading my news feeds, I couldn’t handle all the pain and sadness.

But something told me to take a look last night.

And, boy I’m glad I did.

I felt hopeful and uplifted for the first time since the tragedy. Glorious images of the Unity Walk across the Ravenel Bridge, which spans from Mt. Pleasant (where I used to live,) to downtown Charleston, were everywhere.

Images of people unified in hope, peace and love.

People who came together to pay respects to the victims with a 9 minute moment of silence, and to join hands in peace.

These people will not be defeated.

These people will rise above the hate.

We should all follow these people toward a brighter future for all Americans.

And let love change the current.

And let hate show up late.

Hate Showed Up Late Meme

Kathy ❤



Hate Showed Up Late

heart ocean foam

I was walking on a beach,

but hate showed up late;

it tried to get my attention,

but I wouldn’t participate.

It tapped me, it poked me,

it sharpened its claws;

but I chose to ignore it,

though it was seeking applause.

Applause I wouldn’t give it,

for I do not agree;

that I should treat poorly,

those who are different from me.

And though I am surrounded,

by some images of hate;

something evil’s gone fishing,

but I won’t take the bait.

I will seek out kind fish,

in our great human pond;

and when sharks surround me,

I will happily swim on.

To a glorious ocean,

where hate’s always late;

let’s all change the current,

and let love set us straight.

Kathy ❤


(& Twenty Six Seeds of Love for Newtown, Nuts About My Son)

The Flame

I wrote this poem awhile ago, inspired by Newtown.  Today I dedicate it to the victims of the Charleston tragedy.

Rev. Clementa Pinckney
Tywanza Sanders
Cynthia Hurd
Sharonda Singleton
Rev. Daniel Simmons
Rev. DePayne Middleton-Doctor
Susan Jackson
Ethel Lance
Myra Thompson

We will remember your names…..

candle heart hands

The Flame

When the candles stop burning,
will you remember my name?
Will you honor my shortened life,
will you carry on the flame?

The heat of injustice,
can ignite a spark;
though the candles will stop burning,
I’ve already left my mark.

On this world that is fleeting,
with short news cycles, it’s true;
when the candles stop burning,
I’ll still be remembered, will you?

Do what you can,
to bring peace and love to mankind;
so when the candles stop burning,
you will not be left behind.

So try to make a difference,
as time waxes and wanes;
leave this world better off,
since the time that you came.

Live life with much purpose,
through all the twists and turns;
so when your candle stops burning,
another will continue to burn…

Kathy ❤


(& Twenty Six Seeds of Love for Newtown)




THIS TIME: Fourteen Things I Can Do To Make My Country Better

Rainbow Row love meme

I rarely write such political messages, but sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode & I have to say something.

Today is one of those days. So if you don’t want to hear it, just scroll on, that is always a choice.

When Newtown happened, I was devastated. I cried for months. I learned about each Angel. I learned about each family. I’m still learning. I’m still paying tribute on my facebook page “Twenty Six Seeds of Love for Newtown.”

I also changed as a person. I became less apathetic, and more sympathetic. I took more time to enjoy my family, and treasure the moments we shared. I began to use my time more wisely on the internet.

And I began to pay more attention to the injustice & tragedies plaguing our nation.

I began to pay attention to how many people are losing their lives to violence by any means.

I am growing tired of hearing about people dying from violence on the news.

I am trying to remember their faces. I am trying to remember their names.

And once you take the time to do that, TO REALLY DO THAT, to look into each face, each life lost, and see or imagine each family’s grief……you will begin to change too.

You will begin to see that loss is loss. You will begin to feel sadness for all of them. You will begin to become angry at the injustice of it all. You will begin to want to do something about it. ANYTHING.

You will hear many people tell you, there is nothing one person can do, or nothing can be done, or the system is broken.

They will tell you we will never agree on many issues, so why even bother.


When you have your head filled with all of these horrific images, with all of the faces of those killed tragically, YOU WILL HAVE YOUR REASON TO BOTHER.

You will begin to hear their voices, the whispering of Angels, saying please do something.

You will begin to see that there is something you can do.

You will begin to see that one person has a lot of power when passion leads them.

You will begin to see that there are a lot of people who feel this way.

You will begin to see that if all of these people DID SOMETHING, it will make a difference.

Here are some things you can do, if you want to do something. You will not agree with all of them. But pick one thing you agree with and do it:

1. Pay attention to some of these tragedies. Learn about the victims. Learn if there is any way you can help their families or loved ones.

2. Pay attention to your family and those around you. Is there anyone who needs your attention, or help. Whether it’s mental or financial, help them or get them help.

3. If you see or hear hate speech against anyone or any particular group, speak up or leave the room. If all of us do this, it will make a difference. Hate speech can lead to much darker things.

4. If you see or hear anyone threatening violence, tell someone or report it to the authorities.

5. If you are a gun owner, become educated about responsible ownership & storage. Teach your friends.

6. If you are a member of a particular gun organization, demand that the leadership do something to help prevent these tragedies. Demand that the leadership stops blaming these innocent victims for these tragedies.

7. Learn the names, Twitter accts, emails & phone numbers of your representatives. Contact them and demand change. They really do read the correspondence & reply.

9. Support a gun sense organization.

8. Support mental health initiatives.

9. Vote in every election.

10. Support the many initiatives which are promoting love, compassion and kindness.

11. Teach your children to love and be accepting of others. Teach them that they are important & can make a difference.

12. Love your neighbor, and treat them how you would like to be treated.

13. Never stop believing that YOU can make a difference.

14. Never stop trying.

I hope that we will all actually do something THIS TIME.

Thank you to all of you who already have, or who will decide to.

Let’s join together to grieve as a nation, and to help change our nation for the better……….

Kathy ❤


(& Twenty Six Seeds of Love for Newtown)