Ten Things I Want to Teach My Kids in 2016

1. Loving yourself is more important then loving a selfie of epic Kardashian proportions.
2. Being kind is more important than being pop-u-lar like Galinda.
3. Feeling worthy is more important than what you are worth. So when your bank statement is low, your spirits can still be high.
4. Let it go is a good mantra, not just a good Disney song.
5. Being sensitive is a sign of strength not weakness. So be sensitive and don’t Rickroll anyone.
6. Princess Peach can do anything Super Mario can. Lookout 3D World!
7. Darth Vader is cool and interesting, but not a person to emulate. (See #2, and use the force of compassion.)
8. Create your own reality, don’t borrow it from “reality TV.”
9. Love is love, whether you live in a pineapple under the sea, on Sesame Street, or on Main St.
10. Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together, so don’t tear anyone apart.
Have a safe & Happy New Year!
Kathy ❤